The Secret Life of Food


Melbourne Masterclass is a fabulous event for the hip, happy and hungry who just love Clean Eating, Paleo, Raw food & Living Cuisine.

So if you don’t know your cold press from your Coldplay or your maca from your mesquite, then this is the quintessential clean living event for anybody who is serious about healthy food choices, creating a food product for market, or perhaps setting up a hipster cafe. The knowledge you will walk away with will give you the edge and the power to start effecting positive change in your wellbeing and in business. Since 2000 I’ve been banging the organic drum about clean eating – and now everyone wants a piece of the action, so don’t miss out. Buy Now $275. Meet our incredible special guests below.

This is the quintessential superfoods, raw and Paleo cooking class for anybody who is serious about healthy food choices. The knowledge you walk away with will give you the edge and the power to start effecting positive change in your health with organic whole foods. A Masterclass for the hip, happy and hungry. Since 2000 Sam Gowing has paved the way for the organic, clean eating, green smoothie & Paleo trends. Learn from the Master.


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How the event will roll – all times approximate

11.00 Registration meet & greet

11.30 Demonstration Masterclass combining the following:

  • Introduction to the raw food techniques
  • Essentials elements of the Paleo, FODMAP & Raw Food diet
  • Wholefood nutrition discussion
  • Demonstration and tasting of a minimum of 7 recipes inc.
    • breakfast
    • smoothie
    • entree
    • main
    • accompaniments
    • condiments
    • dessert
    • tea
  • Shared plates eating throughout the class

3pm sharp – close

(So Sam can get to her 5pm flight!)

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Why you must attend …

“Sam Gowing is Australia’s spa cuisine guru. She is a font of wisdom when it comes to tasty, healthy eating!” Matt Preston, Masterchef Australia

“Sam is a funny, intelligent and engaging teacher and avoids the po-faced preachiness that is sometimes associated with whole and health foods. She is a woman who can make cooking with beetroot (The Beauty of the Beets) seem like the most fun you’ve ever had.”
Michael Harden, Food Writer, Melbourne

“Do yourself a favour and go along to a cooking class, the food really is tasty and Samantha is a very easy person to listen and learn from.” Cooking class hero

“The organic masterclass was enjoyable and informative. The recipes were practical making them easy to integrate into everyday living. Thanks Sam!”  Cooking class hero

“This was an absolutely invaluable and enlightening education on cooking to maximize nutrition, skill, pleasure and taste.”  Cooking class hero

“The amount of knowledge you walk away with in just a few hours is amazing. The recipes were easy to follow and the meals were delicious as well as being good for you. The presenters were very knowledgable and entertaining. They were also the calmest chefs I have ever seen.”  Cooking class hero

This event is held in Collingwood – Go Pies!

Mont Food Group – commercial kitchen

11-3pm Saturday 21st February 2015


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