We are thrilled to welcome you to the gastronomic world of Gwinganna, a globally celebrated lifestyle retreat renowned for its profound impact on transformative healing. This cookbook is a living testament to the very heart of that transformation, where wellness and culinary excellence are intrinsically intertwined. 

Chef Sam Gowing is the consulting Wellness Chef, Nutritionist and Cookbook Editor, it is her absolute pleasure to share the evolving food philosophy.

Created by Elements of Byron, Elemental brings you the best of Byron community, connection and culture. Published in print and online, Elemental invites you into the many wonderfully rich and diverse worlds that make up our region. Guests of Elements of Byron can pick up and keep a complimentary print copy of Elemental and read by the pool or on the beach.

We Can All Eat That! by Pam Brook


Based on the latest medical research from world-leading allergy experts this book covers the fundamentals of common food allergies and what you can do to help prevent your children from developing food allergies. Research has shown that  giving the common allergy causing foods to babies in that crucial window from 6-12 months, can significantly reduce the chance of them developing food allergies.

Includes 95 delicious recipes created with whole-food chefs Sarah Swan and Sam Gowing. These are timeless meals for all  the family to share together, no matter what their age (from 6 months +). Recipes you will go back to again and again as family staples, making it easy to prepare the same meal for baby, toddler and all the family.

Rusty’s Byron Guide

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