Professional Mentoring

There’s never been a better time to create your edible prototype, self publish your passion or pivot your professional practice into an online empire. 

Whether you’re a startup business, health practitioner, chef, author or cyber warrior, my wellness business solutions and online coaching programs help food and wellness professionals become entrepreneurs and better business people. 

Self Published Authors

Terri-Anne Leske
Carrotsticks & Cravings

“Sam was amazing through my whole self publishing journey. She kept me on track and motivated the whole time with weekly meetings and daily communication and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Her knowledge about self publishing and health and wellness was extremely helpful and inspirational.
I can’t thank you enough Sammy for all of your help and guidance to bring my first book to life.”

Steph Geddes
Body Good Food Diary

“Working with Sam was so helpful to not only navigate my way through publishing my first book but just for general business advice.
She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share and will help you with multiple facets of business, in particular finding the right pathways that align with your purpose and goals.”

Meet some more clients

We Can All Eat That!
By Pam Brook, recipes by Sarah Swan & Sam Gowing. Raise healthy, adventurous eaters and help prevent food allergies | 95 wholefood recipes for the family that eats together.

‘This is a book for all parents to use to excite their children and the whole family about good fresh food full of taste and flavour. It’s a family cookbook, a baby book and a book about food allergies based on science. This is food for life!’ – Neil Perry, chef, author

‘This book should reassure anxious new parents, and if they follow the recipes they will be eating very well indeed.’ – Stephanie Alexander, chef, author, founder of Australia’s Kitchen Garden Program

Sam Gowing’s Online Mentoring Programs
As a woman working in the health industry, you’ll know all about challenges – the business world is full of them, and it can be tough to get that all-important advantage, or ‘edge’.

The good news is that, with Sam Gowing’s business mentoring, you can take advantage of Sam’s expertise, and in particular her unique vision and values assessment, and learn to apply that to your own challenges and ambitions.

For a start, Sam can help you to define what you want. Working together, you and Sam will clarify exactly what you wish to achieve, and link those goals to your own values, purpose and life vision. This can transform your approach to your wellness business, giving you a clear purpose that you are happy to commit to, and a path to achievement.

Sam’s online business mentoring helps you to identify and effectively use the skills and advantages you already have. She can show you how to blend these with powerful approaches to systemization, organization and execution, in ways that can seriously improve your results and give you that all-important business ‘edge’.

What is more, having a really efficiently-run business can free up time for you to do more of the other things you love, whether that’s spending time with the family, travel, or pursuing other hobbies. It might even give you more time to relax!

So what can Sam’s mentoring program do for YOU?

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