Steamed snapper with macadamia pesto



For the fish
1.5kg snapper, scaled and cleaned
¼ teaspoon of Murray River salt
6 lime leaves

For the pesto
1/3 cup of raw macadamia nuts
1 bunch basil, washed and thoroughly dried
2 garlic cloves, chopped
½  lemon, juice and zest
¼  cup of macadamia oil
¼  tsp of Murray River salt

To serve
Fresh lime cheeks


  1. Make 3 shallow cuts, 1cm-deep, in thickest part of each side of fish. Rub incisions with salt, Insert lime leaves inside.
  2. Line a bamboo steamer with baking paper or banana leaf.  Place fish in steamer.
  3. Place steamer in a wok or deep and wide saucepan.
  4. Fill wok or pan with enough water to come to the base of the steamer without flooding the fish. Secure with lid.
  5. Bring water to the boil and steam fish for 15 – 20 minutes ensuring the water does not evaporate.
  6. Place remaining ingredients in a food processor and blitz until a smooth paste forms.
  7. Remove fish from steamer and place into serving platter, spoon a tablespoon of pesto to garnish.
  8. Serve with fresh lime cheeks and the remaining pesto in a small serving bowl on the side.

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