Smoked ocean trout salad with Pocket Herbs

Pocket Herbs is nestled in the hills of beautiful Burringbar, in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The farm supplies wholesale agents, providores and retailers across Australia. Microgreens, gourmet leaves, rare edibles and native and non-native bush foods are grown commercially on-site in a purpose-built hydroponic system. This delicious salad showcases the versatility of Pocket Herbs micro greens. 

Salad of turkey, berries and cranberry gomasio

Here’s a fancy festive salad to make the most of leftovers from Christmas day or as a beautifully healthy alternative to the traditional roast bird. This recipe will work well with berries, cherries, nectarine or mango. Turkey is a great source of lean protein, meaning it contains a high amount of protein with relatively low […]

Ume sho kuzu

This is one of the most widely recommended macrobiotic home remedies. It is made from kuzu, umeboshi, a pickled sour plum) and shoyu, a natural soy sauce. You can also take this as a hangover remedy. First published 4/8/2011 Well I’ll Be! Recipe & Remedies eBook

Sammy’s Supergreen Smoothie

A green smoothie is a meal in itself and can be as nourishing as you like. Raw kale can be very abrasive on the digestive tract, causing bloating and discomfort. It’s best to steam or blanch kale leaves for a smoothie. Refresh with cool water and pure with ice. For sensitive tummies, use lettuce or […]

How to make kelp noodle salad with seaweed

Seaweed has long been an essential part of the Japanese diet and noted for its healing properties in the East since 3000 BC, now modern cuisine has begun to embrace mineral rich marine algae with abundance. Seaweed, also known as sea vegetables, are predominantly edible with varieties that include wrack, kelp, laver (nori), sea lettuce […]

Lymphatic Tisane

A tisane is a herbal infusion usually consisting of leaves and flowers, steeped for a few minutes so as to release the essential oils. I have created this fragrant, subtle blend of lymphagogues, to help clear my lymphatic system after enjoying energising spring liquid cleanse of juices, smoothies and vegetable broths. I have noticed during my […]

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