Choko Chanel. How to cook chokos

Despite being a gourd – which traditionally grow on a stem close to the ground – chokos are the social climbers of the vine world. Plentiful in Australia, they are also known as chayote, christophe, xuxu and belong to the cucurbitaceae family, as do melons, zucchinis and pumpkins. These ridged, cucumber-pear like vegetables’ appearance can […]

Deepak Chopra Bliss Balls

____These ultimate bliss balls come from Deepak Chopra’s secret recipe to promote a healthy digestion and purify the body – mind. They’re best kept chilled to keep their shape and will keep for up to 7 days in the fridge. First published Feb 13, 2012.   In Mexico City in 2015 I had the great […]

Berry protein smoothie

Here’s a favourite protein smoothie packed full of protein, fresh berries and abundant superfoods. Based on my clinical experience in Chinese medicine, weight gain for the fit and healthy person is predominantly due to fluid retention, dampness, cold and bloating in the gut. It’s amazing what a few days of warming foods – such as a […]

No bake pecan cacao brownies

Who would have ever believed that something so healthy could taste so damn fine?! I guarantee that you will just love these sweet rich treats. But go easy, one a day is more than enough!

Figs with coconut yoghurt

I am forever devising concoctions that are dairy free for my readers who are dreaming of that cheesy feeling. So if there’s no cow or sheep’s milk yoghurt for breakfast, this means that necessity and consumer demand led to my first trial batch of coconut yoghurt in 2012. Here’s how I made it.

Balinese sticky black rice pudding

Thanks to my dear friend Janet DeNeefe from Bali’s famous Casa Luna Cooking School and her Honeymoon Guesthouse for this recipe. This highly nutritious,  famous pudding is mainly eaten in Indonesia as an afternoon snack. It’s great topped with fresh fruit, toasted coconut and, of course, a liberal amount of coconut milk. Next time you’re in Bali, head […]

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