Sardines with minted quinoa, currant and pinenuts

Sardines are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids which have an anti-inflammatory action and beneficial to the nervous system. Quinoa is native to the Andean region of South America, the principal food of the area. The leaves are similar to the spinach plant and seeds are cultivated for their nutritious protein and calcium components. High in […]

Autumn rolls of fig, rhubarb and pistachio with rhubarb puree

Fabulous figs are in season most of the year in Australia, except for parts of spring.  Did you know that they support the digestive process as their tiny seeds assist the colon in elimination? In Chinese medicine, rhubarb is considered a bitter ‘fire’ food, which tends to dry the digestive system, therefore, balancing excess dampness […]

How to make a peppermint paleo slice

At the time of writing this post early 2014, I was becoming more and more intrigued by the Paleo way of life so I experimented with grain-free snacks and came up with this treat. It needs refrigerating in the warmer weather, which we’re loving here in Byron this summer. Substitute the nuts, dried fruit and […]

No bake pecan cacao brownies

Who would have ever believed that something so healthy could taste so damn fine?! I guarantee that you will just love these sweet rich treats. But go easy, one a day is more than enough!

Basil, Lemon & Olive Gremolata

  This is my variation of a classic Milanese gremolata; a chopped herb condiment originating in Milan, which always includes grated lemon peel.  Many recipes include parsley, mint and garlic. It’s great with most things especially lightly seared kingfish, bream or gold band snapper, and not too shabby with a well brought up roast chook. Good as […]

Parsnip, pear, pecans with pomegranate

Put the 4 P’s into a winter warming salad this season for a sweet, nutty and nourishing accompaniment to any slow cooking, braise or roast. Also good with baked fish or just on its own as a light lunch. Crumble some fetta, blue or goats’ cheese through it, if that’s your thing.

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