Plant-based Tiramisu

Here’s a variation on an old favourite. It’s a bit fiddly, but a recipe well worth practicing for a special occasion. I’ve altered it a little to remove traditional stimulants of coffee and rum so it’s health retreat friendly! How to make your own almond milk  

Berry protein smoothie

Here’s a favourite protein smoothie packed full of protein, fresh berries and abundant superfoods. Based on my clinical experience in Chinese medicine, weight gain for the fit and healthy person is predominantly due to fluid retention, dampness, cold and bloating in the gut. It’s amazing what a few days of warming foods – such as a […]

No bake pecan cacao brownies

Who would have ever believed that something so healthy could taste so damn fine?! I guarantee that you will just love these sweet rich treats. But go easy, one a day is more than enough!


Australia Day strikes a bittersweet note on our calendar signalling the end of long summer holidays and heralding the return to work and school. Many Aussies honour the landing of white man onto this great southern land while others prefer to label it Invasion Day, not to mention the New Zealand versus Australia for the ownership […]

Basil, Lemon & Olive Gremolata

  This is my variation of a classic Milanese gremolata; a chopped herb condiment originating in Milan, which always includes grated lemon peel.  Many recipes include parsley, mint and garlic. It’s great with most things especially lightly seared kingfish, bream or gold band snapper, and not too shabby with a well brought up roast chook. Good as […]

Prawns with passionfruit aioli

  You know passionfruit, turmeric and eggs are not normally ingredients who play together, however turmeric and passionfruit are kinda yellow so I reckoned they’d blend up well with a few egg yolks and make a cracker of an accompaniment to a handful of local grilled prawns. Passionfruit, an obvious aphrodisiac, also has powerful healing […]

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