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Sammy’s turmeric chicken noodle soup

The potent healing properties of turmeric include the powerful antioxidant called curcumin which gives the Indian spice its characteristic yellow colour. Like other tuberous rhizomes, turmeric contains anti-inflammatory actions by the reducing histamine levels. It also lowers cholesterol by stimulating the flow of bile which helps to break down fat, this can also help to clear the […]


Superfoods Masterclass Sept. 1st

There’s a couple of seats left for next weekend’s Melbourne Masterclass. This is the last Melbourne class for the year. Can you come? Hope so, here’s the details. __________________________ Organic Superfoods Masterclass NEXT CLASS: 1st September  2012 12pm HURRY! LIMITED AVAILABILITY $250 inclusive of HANDS ON class, lunch and nutrition handbook Register or call 0411 852 […]


Prawns with turmeric aioli

You know passionfruit, turmeric and eggs are not normally ingredients who play together, however turmeric and passionfruit are kinda yellow so I reckoned they’d blend up well with a few egg yolks and make a cracker of an accompaniment to a handful of local grilled prawns. Passionfruit, an obvious aphrodisiac, also has powerful healing properties […]


Laughing buddha lunch

Aduki bean with black jasmine rice, red slaw and crunchy pepitas This colourful, crunchy combo will help to dry out any damp conditions such as excess mucous, phlegm and digestive stuff! The cabbage helps to cleanse the liver and the black rice will support the kidney Qi. Great for acute coughs and head colds. The […]


Gowings Turmeric Tonic

This special tonic is the perfect pick-me-up to keep your immunity in tiptop shape before a cold or flu unfolds. Its rich golden yellow hue comes from beta-carotene. Inspired by the great Jamu kunyit at Bali Janet’s Casa Luna, this is my version with the fresh stuff created for the cooking school in 2005. Like its […]