Tasty Tuesday – Steamed winter vegetables with pepitas

Friends from the south don’t believe us when we tell them how cold it gets in Byron Bay. Last week it was 3 degrees C in Brisbane and around 6 degrees C overnight here. One of the reasons I left Melbourne was the bleak winter cold and the extreme dry heat in summer. So here’s a trans-seasonal crowd pleaser that you can warm up or cool down depending on the weather where you are. Add chilli and garlic if that’s your thing. The dressing works well over fish or chicken too.


Punnet of pea shoots – Micro Herbs – Image ©Samantha Gowing

Here are a few patient guidelines from our clinical practice days. I hope they help you too.

When the lergy hits do this:

  1. Rest.  Go home.  Sleep
  2. Drink lots of fluids including vegetable juices, soups, herbal teas and water
  3. Avoid refined sugar. Small amounts or maple syrup or coconut sugar for energy
  4. Supplement with vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc
  5. Continue for up to 5 days after the symptoms resolve
  6. Be smart – get a massage and a herbal tonic
  7. Sweat it out
  8. Don’t be a hero!

Did you know that it takes 5 days to produce an antibody to an infection? This antibody production will give you enhanced immunity when you next ocme in contact with that infection.

Pay better attention to prevention

To prevent colds or flus in the first place look after your immunity

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Exercise moderately
  3. REST
  4. Manage your stress, and look after yourself in times of greater stress
  5. Enjoy your hobbies and pastimes
  6. Work moderate hours
  7. Cultivate a positive mental attitude
  8. Eat a balanced diet with immune enhancing foods such as garlic, vegetables and low G.I. fruit

Steamed winter vegetables with pepitas Image ©Sue Clemenger

Steamed winter vegetables with pepitas and tamari 

Serves 4 as a side

3 bunches bok choy, cleaned and quartered lengthways
2 bunches broccolini, trimmed and quartered lengthways
½ cup activated pepitas
1 punnet micro herbs – purple basil, shizo, pea or red chard

¼ cup Brookfarm lime and chilli macadamia oil
2 teaspoons ginger, minced
3 tablespoons tamari
1 lime, juice only

  • Clean and prepare bok choy and broccolini
  • Place prepped vegetables in a large bamboo steamer basket
  • Cover securely with lid
  • Place a large pan on stove and fit bamboo steamer inside
  • Pour enough water to come up to the base of the steamer
  • Do not flood the steamer!
  • Steam vegetables over a high heat for 4-5 minutes
  • Meanwhile, whisk dressing ingredients together
  • Remove cooked vegetables and transfer to a large mixing bowl
  • Toss dressing through gently. Keep warm
  • Add activated pepitas and transfer to a serving platter
  • Garnish with snipped micro herbs and serve
Fields of Pocket Herbs - Image ©Samantha Gowing

Fields of Pocket Herbs – Image ©Samantha Gowing

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