The 80/20 Rule and other break throughs to Whole Happiness™



30-31 October, Sydney.

Known as the Dr Seuss of Health and Nutrition Sam Gowing is an award winning Chef and passionate socialpreneur, with a journey that’s taken her from a Front Bar on the gritty streets of Collingwood to the Sand and Surf of Byron Bay.

Like so many of us Sam has had her fair share of twists and turns in her journey. With over 30 years in hospitality, she started out changing ashtrays and pouring water in her family’s hotel. Sam became a full-fledged Publican of the legendary Gowings Grace Darling at the ripe age of 24, facing notable adversity and ridicule from her, let’s just say predominately male peers.  Armed with tenacity and a never give up spirit Sam ignored the naysayers and together with her brother they would transform the hotel into a culinary emporium. Despite receiving consistent awards and acclaim, Sam would eventually sell the thriving business to look at life beyond.

Sam Gowing“Food is medicine! –  If there is a thunderbolt that goes off in life, that was mine.”

– Sam Gowing

During this time of triumph however, it was the journey Sam embarked on with her father and mentor as he battled cancer that would profoundly impact and transform her life. With Sam’s tenacious spirit leading the way, together they would throw away the rulebook to examine how our food choices impact our health. From the quality of the oils she was using and the Provence of ingredients, to the degenerative implications of the food we consume. Sam redefined the understanding and role of hospitality. The journey through cancer with her father would greatly impact her destiny and whilst after a courageous battle she would eventually loose her father to the disease, she vowed to forever change our concept of food.

Since that time Sam’s career has turned 360 and back. Selling her successful business she went back to humble beginnings, dedicating herself to studying fitness, nutrition and Chinese medicine. She even took a work experience position with Golden Door.

Today Sam is highly regarded as one the pioneers of the Wellness and Spa industries. Her new project  Whole Happiness™ – is a powerful initiative driven by a conscious awareness that happiness is a multifaceted state of being – and not just a dietary mindset. Sam shows us that what we need to thrive is more than raw, yoga and green smoothies, it is about finding our innate self, our essential nature and allowing all those aspects of ourselves some light. Sam subscribes to the 80/20 rule and with this in place you really can have it all.

For anyone who has a question mark, it is absolutely possible! So take the leap and spend some quality time with Sam Gowing and the other incredible SWBStars at the 2013 Conference.  RESERVER YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE TODAY.

To find out more about her 80/20 rule as well as her keys to thriving like:

“Leave while the balloon is still inflated” – Sam’s best friend.

Listen to Sam talking with our SWB Curator Megan Dalla-Camina in this exclusive podcast interview.

Listen to the podcast 

Sam’s book “The Healing Feeling” will be available at SWB13

You can also access a 12 page sample of ‘The Healing Feeling’here.

RESERVE YOUR SEAT AT THE TABLE TODAY , and this is just one of the tools you will take away from the 2013 Conference.

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