A Tribute to The Wellness Warrior Jess Ainscough


Jess Ainscough wasn’t just The Wellness Warrior – she was a freedom fighter.

She passionately fought for truth and justice in a maze of mandatory modern medicine. Her seven-year, well-documented journey with cancer propelled her into the much-needed space of leader, pathfinder and the authentic wellness voice of a generation that is reluctant to talk about cancer, let alone acknowledge that there may be alternate strategies to thrive – for as long as it takes.

Jess’ voice was loud, but never demanding, proud but never arrogant. She was one of the most humble, peaceful people I have ever worked within the healing arts. Her beauty, grace and gratitude illuminated every step she took. Her words continue to shimmer like crystals, uplifting a blossoming community that is hungry for health and eager for change.

Jess’ messages radiate more than hope, they bellow a new paradigm delivered in her quiet and understated tone. She single-handedly led a crusade toward how we handle chronic disease, and the pursuit of optimal wellness.

I met Jess at the end of a culinary Masterclass I hosted in 2012. The classroom soon became a TV set for the inaugural cooking sessions of Healthtalks TV. With no scripts, lots of love and high energy, Jess, Mel, Nat and I burst onto the online screens of thousands talking love, enema, coffee, hormones, and all things food, health and wealth.

The vision of my dearest colleague Dr. Nat Kringoudis, Healthtalks TV became a phenomenon, and to this day I am still in awe of the impact it had – and still has. Like a great green smoothie, HT quenched the insatiable thirst of a collectively conscious audience.

When Jess asked me to cater for her wedding to her beloved Tallon, I had to accept. Uncertain whether I would actually be in Australia, I mentally plotted out 2015 so I could deliver on my promise. Sadly that day will not come.

As time unveils the secrets of Jess’ somewhat early departure, our united sadness will morph into joy as we embrace the opportunity we had to witness a real-life saint in our mortal midst. We will recognize that her ascension was motivated by love and not death, by connection and not disintegration.

Today I wandered the winter streets of Berlin, I am here to deliver a speech at the Healing Summit 2015, thinking about Jess. My mind and heart drifted to the sense that angels were sewing on her wings and allowing her to fly – with both arms joyfully intact.

As I write this post in the Marlene Bar of the Intercontinental Berlin – named after screen siren Marlene Dietrich –  I wonder what brought me in here, other than my love of grand hotels. It is only now that I recall the name of one of Dietrich’s finest, silent films – The Blue Angel.

Go make peace with your Universal plate my darling friend. There is an apron with your name on it on every star in Heaven.




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