The Naked Truth About Raw Food

RAW FOOD: Is it an emerging cuisine, or should it be seen as another diet fad?

Here’s a snippet of the paper delivered about Raw Food as a trend. The paper was placed amongst the session entitled “Food Fads”. It drew great interest from the discerning esteemed academia panel. Take a look at POPCAANZ 2013 for yourself

My cauliflower cous cous  www.bittersweetsour.comThe Naked Truth about Raw Food – Samantha Gowing
Dip. Hlth. Sci. – Nut; ATMS; MGT

The Raw Food diet maybe more than a trend but is it good for everyone? Food fads come and go and diet books will always sell. The popular view among adherents is that enzymes in food are destroyed when the food is heated beyond 45 degrees celcius. Supporters say the vital enzymes carry a “life force” or “chi” are essential for healthy chemical processes within the body. The Godfathers of Raw include American nutritionists David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens whose principles have been practised in the US for over 10 years who have slowly inspired a global dedicated following. However, unlike other food trends and culinary movements, raw food is not founded on indigenous tradition, ingredient driven or steeped in historic gastronomic culture.samgowing_rawtiramisu

Therefore is it an emerging cuisine, or should it be seen as another diet fad? Our modern cuisine has evolved from the availability of produce introduced by immigrants the land has welcomed. Our daily food rituals are declarations of who we are. They are one of the ways in which we express ourselves. Whether it is the sensual delight of a single ingredient or the progressive showcase of a degustation banquet, nothing defines us more than what we eat and how it has been prepared.

This paper investigates claims that a raw-food diet can reverse degenerative disease such as diabetes and query whether there is a scientific basis for the theory that raw-food diets provide essential enzymes that might otherwise be destroyed by cooking. The paper reveals the importance of a holistic approach when it comes to diet so delegates will have a greater awareness of modern food trends and be able to discern fad from fact.

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