Salad of turkey, berries & cranberry gomasio

Here’s a fancy festive salad to make the most of leftovers from Christmas day or as a beautifully healthy alternative to the traditional roast bird. This recipe will work well with berries, cherries, nectarine or mango. 

For the salad                                                   

1 cup cooked turkey meat, skin off, shredded
1 cup assorted sprouts
1 cup nuts such as almonds and/or pecans, halved lengthways
Assorted micro herbs such as red garnet, chard, red radish and sorrel

Very Berry Dressing

1 cup fresh berries, roughly chopped
4 tablespoons macadamia oil
1 tablespoon white balsamic or raspberry vinegar
1 lime, juice only
Cracked black pepper

  • Shred turkey finely and combine with sprouts and nuts
  • Whisk dressing ingredients together well and gently toss through the salad
  • Garnish generously with freshly snipped micro herbs

Cranberry Gomasio
¼ cup organic dried cranberries
¼ cup raw black sesame seeds
1 teaspoon organic salt

  • Place seeds in a clean, dry, frying pan and toast on low heat
  • Stir often until they start to pop
  • In a mortar and pestle gently blend combine salt and seeds

Gomasio is the principal table condiment in the Macrobiotic way of natural foods diet. Use it in lieu of salt to season your food at table, giving hearty delicious taste. It has a powerful ant-acid biochemical effect, strengthens digestion and improves energy immediately. Together with a simple diet of slow-cooked whole grains and legumes in iron pot, gomasio will accelerate the de-acidification of the digestive tract and improve the assimilation of the food.

Salad of turkey©SamanthaGowing
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