Wellness Industry Standards


In the interest of wellness industry standards I’m delighted to announce that my proposal for creating a certified benchmark research project for the accreditation for the wellness industry has just been approved.

This means that wellness practitioners, healthy cafes, product and multimedia developers can apply for my Gowings quality assurance seal of approval for their business in 2016. This will uplift and maintain the industry. Putting my academic energy where my heart is to guarantee that the industry is not brought to its knees again.

This research project is for a unit of the Master’s degree I am undertaking with Le Cordon Bleu and SCU. Read more here. I will continue to bridge the gap between gastronomy and evidence based, food as medicine research.

It is very early days, and there is much research to gather. If you are a health practitioner, healthy cafe owner, naturopathic student or wellness product or app developer, I would love to hear from you with the view of interviewing you.

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