Wellness Trends 2012

Keep OM Truckin’

1. The GlitteRAWti Love that, just made it up! Watch it get used in the press…!

The Raw Food Movement continues to gain popularity with raw food bars popping up all over the place. Latest one is in Byron Bay by Raw Food company Naked Treaties. However, there seems to be a lot of imported super foods on these menus, so our tip is to go for organic and locally grown like Gubinge – see below – or find yourself a great Raw Food chef or a passionate expert in the world of Raw Food Nutrition and learn from the pros or buy online from reputable sources like Loving Earth

The Raw Food argument is this: From a scientific viewpoint all cooked foods are devoid of enzymes which are vital for the absorption and digestion of food. Enzymes are the life force or energy contained in living food and are essential for all the chemical processes within the body. Once heated above 45 C enzymes begin to be destroyed and in food heated beyond 50C they are totally destroyed. Eating enzyme-dead foods places a burden on and eventually exhausts our pancreas and other organs, lowering our immunity and making us more susceptible to premature ageing, disease and lowered energy. Source: Naked Treaties

In defence, if your digestion has been impaired through years of antibiotics, ulceration and too many foods that cause excessive mucous in the gut – think wheat, meat, dairy and alcohol – then it is highly advisable that you restore your digestive fire with lots of warming foods before embarking on a raw food journey. Ask us how

2. Rawktails – Yep, coined that phrase too – you read it here first!

Think Goji Daiquiris and Gubinge Sours – both packing a mega vitamin C punch. Or howabout organic vodka frappe with cucumber, sprouts, rocket and mint? Don’t forget our original Beetini – pictured top of page – we created for Melbourne’s first organic restaurant, way back in 2000 when our Beetroot, ginger and lime Margaritas were “The Bomb”!

3. Medicinal foods used cosmetically

Kakadu Plum – known natively as Gubinge – has the highest vitamin C content of any food. It apparently contains 3000mg of vitamin C per 100g of fruit – this is more than 50 times the concentration found in oranges.

It also has high folate. It is an antioxidant and is therefore beneficial to skin because it helps reduce free radical damage, such as wrinkling and other sun damage. It also helps collagen synthesis, which plumps up the skin.

Naturally minded company Aveda uses high performance, botanically based products and recently synthesised the ancient Andean seed quinoa, which we have seen prolifically on health menus in Australia for over ten years. Aveda suggests that the first step of their restructuring hair system consists of quinoa protein, which penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen it, together with coconut and babassu. Babassu is an oil derived from the babassu palm that grows in the Amazon and is used as a mild cleansing agent.

5. Focus on food synergy – Androgenisis a medical revolution

Food as medicine works using food synergy by choosing plant based foods sourced from local, sustainable, anti-adrogenic crops which could be the key to the prevention of most diet related cancers. Watch William Li

Many foods contain naturally occurring inhibitors of angiogenesis. When these foods are consumed and absorbed into the bloodstream, the inhibitors act to boost the body’s existing system that suppresses undesirable angiogenesis that can promote or accompany disease.

Latest research is showing that certain foods have properties that can starve the microscopic cancers that develop in our bodies all the time. These properties are based on the breakthrough approach of suppressing blood vessels that feed cancers, a process known as angiogenesis.

6. Seafood with Integrity

Eco-labeling and certification programs resulted in a shift toward hyper-local sourcing of seafood (in some cases) and chef driven source and supply chain verification to assure sustainability and integrity in farming or wild catch practices, wholesomeness, freshness, and the technologies used to increased yield and improve shelf life.

7. Keep OM Trucking

Forget Mr. Whippy, soon to be circling your ‘hood will be hotted up icecream vans pedalling healthier delights such as artisan, biodynamic yoghurts, flavoured curds and green tea sorbet with crisp sesame wafers. A local organic supplier pulls up every Tuesday to open his secret kerbside organic pop-up fresh from his Landrover – the best organic food in the land, so good, he supplies to Australia’s best restaurants.
Checkout US Gourmet Rocktars Roaming Hunger

8. Micro meditation
Mightier than a power nap, faster than a lie down and more powerful than a speeding Shivasana, micro meditators have the ability to snap down into a rapid state of bliss within 60 seconds although 10 – 20 minutes once or twice a day is suggested. Micro Meditation is extremely useful in gaining powerful visualization and lucid dreaming abilities.

9.Fertility Fatigue 

As time goes by, the stress of trying to conceive from a TCM perspective (sometimes combined with IVF, fertility drugs and/or general pressure) affects the heart.  These patients all present with similar symptoms.

They are worn out and fatigued. Fertility begins to be compromised as their heart doesn’t supply the uterus with what it needs. Sounds odd but if you were to try and explain it in terms of Western medicine, its the connection the pituitary provides the uterus via hormones which turn on and off specific events that occur at particular times of a woman’s menstrual cycle.  If this function is compromised, the messages aren’t getting to the reproductive organs

  • Ovulation is weaker or non existent
  • They are sad/depressed/frustrated, slightly erratic
  • Sleep is affected, where they will wake a lot overnight and generally be unrested therefore also having low appetite.
  • Menstrual cycles were once regular and as time goes on, this may also begin to be erratic
  • Ovulation also gets difficult to pin point and the periods change too
  • If these people are on IVF, they are poor responders.  The IVF stimulation doesn’t provide what their bodies need as the reproductive organs aren’t working well

Practitioners are seeing more and more of this – as it seemingly gets harder to have a baby.  The ‘expectation’ of difficulty is on the rise BUT what this means is more awareness surrounding fertility, and couples getting themselves healthy before they start trying – setting themselves up for a smoother journey.  This means people are becoming more aware of their health, they are taking charge of their wellness and potentially we will see a shift in women conceiving earlier than later – which also means they are younger too.

Source:  Nat Kringoudis, www.thepagodatree.com.au

10. Thyroid dysfunction is on the up
Adrenal burnout out is now being upscaled to thyroid dysfunction. If signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigued are left untreated, we’ll be seeing a shift up to the thyroid gland. Be prepared for an influx of hypothyroidism issues (underactive thyroid) such as Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition. Immune system cells attack the thyroid gland, causing inflammation. This reduces the thyroid’s ability to make hormones. Alternately, Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease where the thyroid is overactive, producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormones.

Solution: Manage stress and support kidney/adrenal function before the thyroid goes haywire.

*Many thyroid patients I have treated respond well to lots of organic protein – meat, fish, nuts and seeds – in their diet. See also The Paleo Diet

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